July 29–Featuring JACK TANGLE

If you think he looks great in a hat, wait 'till you hear how he sounds behind the mic.

Jack Tangle’s roots reach back into the far west, from family homesteaders north of Calgary to the Gold Rush, ranching and logging areas of Northern California where he grew up. Many of his stories hearken back to personal experiences; some homocentric, others more varied, but always with a sense of the West.

“In addition to participating in local open mic including “Homocentric” at Stories Bookstore and The Western Music Association’s “Jam at the Autry” I have recently done my spoken stories in the 4-man show “Aces & Eights” at the Mc Cadden Theater and in Michael Kearn’s “Late Awakenings” at the Skylight Theater.  I will be participating in the upcoming West Hollywood Bookfair.”

Plus–the usual workshop and readings and discussions with lgbt writers, performers, and artists that make the Hollywood Queer Workshop and Open Mic the hidden taco truck of the LA queer lit scene.

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